by Blossom

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SBR 004


released June 21, 2014

Joey - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Garrett - Guitar, Vocals
Riley - Guitar, Vocals
Sydney - Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Art

Recorded at Cima Studio, Summer 2014



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Strange Beverage Records Santa Barbara, California

Independent record label based out of Southern California.

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Track Name: I Hate You James Hurley
i won't try to impress you with all the things that i do
and i won't let me love you, if you don't want me to
you're only empty promises
and hollow words

all the things you told me before we fell asleep
and all these things that i felt, they don't mean a thing
cause you were only here to pass the time
and i said i won't mind

you told me no one cared for you like i did
it'd be hard to replace me but you couldn't avoid it
and now you've moved miles away
and i know that i can't stay

some nights when i'm alone i imagine you're still here
we're sitting on my porch and you're playing with my hair
smoking our last cigarettes, we both said we would quit
we're better than this
Track Name: Catsong
stop sending me photographs of your new girlfriend's cat
it's not even cute, it just looks kinda fat
i'm not trying to make things awkward but i wanted to tell you that
that you suck

stop sending me cool new songs from bands i've never heard before
they only remind me of you and i know that's not something you wanna do
i'm not trying to be annoying, i'm not trying to be a jerk, but
but you suck

you said that we could be friends but now you don't want me around
you said we'd keep in touch but we haven't talked
since you've been out of town
i'm not trying to be obsessive, i'm trying to keep my cool, but
but you suck